Nona, Relle, Solangel, Melissa, Dotty & Marta

Ladies Styling Weekend Nov 22-24, 13

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Thank you for an amazing Ladies Styling Weekend!

I finally slept! lol. I woke reminiscing about how awesome this weekend was. I was laying in bed day-dreaming while having countless beautiful picture moments. I grabbed my phone and it had tons of messages of participants telling me how inspired they were and what a wonderful weekend it was.

And now I humbly say THANK YOU! Thank you for making one of my dreams come true. Thank you Son Latino for your venue and organization. Thank you to my Salsa Divas for coming to my 1st event – Relle Niane, Marta Khanna, Dotty-Dorottya Ujszaszi & Solangel. Not only did you share your talent during the showcases, you taught with love and spoke from wisdom and experience.

Thank you to our Staff and Volunteers – Jessica, Bettina, Elly, JJ , Andy, Vanda, Atos and everyone else who helped. Thank you to all the Ladies who came from different cities within Germany and to my International participants – Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Poland & Switzerland represented in the house & my VIP Dusseldorf Mamacitas!

Un beso y abrazo,
Yours Truly
Melissa Fernandez

Oh ya! Every time you wear your scarf think of our ladies styling weekend! and every time you smell Cheeseā€¦ well, you know! HAHAHAHA.. think of me!! (I almost fell outta of my chair laughing!!)

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