Melissa Fernandez began taking dance lessons ever since she could remember. Her mother took her to many ballet, tap, jazz and piano lessons as a little girl. She began taking Salsa Lessons in February 1999 and was so inspired by the drive and energy of Salsa that she began studying intensely its attractive LA Salsa style on1. In August 1999 she auditioned and out of 75 applicants she landed a spot on the Salsa Brava Dance Team, co-directed by Luis Vazquez & Joby Aranda.

Undoubtedly, Melissa’s styling, spins, sensuality, and passion on the dance floor has led her to become one of the world’s most recognized Salsa female dancers in world. She electrifies the dance floor with every step. She is in demand and known for her fun instructional workshops.

Her positive and vibrant energy are reflective both on and off the dance floor. A fierce performer on stage and a motivational teacher in the classroom. Loved by her students, fans and friends, Melissa Fernandez inspires students and challenges them to improve their dancing so they can exceed their boundaries!

Melissa has performed and taught in over 45 countries and countless cities throughout the world.

She has placed as a Finalist in numerous Salsa Competitions and along with partner Gordon Neil, they won 1st place and 15,000 Dollars at NEWPORT’s RHYTHM and DANCE Competition. Voted Best Female Salsa Dancer by SoloSabor, once again in 2005 by Salsa Que Te Pasa and several other times throughout her career in different countries. She has also been recognized and awarded by Albert Torres at the 2016 LA Congress with an award for her contributions to the Salsa and Latino Dance Community. 

She has performed and partnered with several dancers such as Ricky Lemoli, Cristiano Oviedo, Jacky Tabone, to name a few but her long partnership with Luis Vazquez was the legendary highlight. Luis Vazquez is one of the co-pioneers of the famous LA Salsa Style on1. Together Melissa and Luis ventured salsa, and took the world by storm. They created a famous name for themselves. Together they choreographed and performed dynamic salsa routines which can be seen on her youtube channel.

Melissa lived in several countries and traveled on the weekends to international salsa congresses to moderate, teach and perform. She also coached individual dancers, couples and student show teams such as Mels Dancing Divas.

She is now permanently residing in Los Angeles, California and is now teaching private lessons.