Back in America!

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Reflecting on how intense this month has been, I’ve realized that my timing to come back couldn’t have been more perfect. Although it’s been a roller coaster month, it’s one I’ll never forget.

Everyone in Pasadena pretty much drives a Hybrid or Electrical car. I saw a couple in EU but here in Pasadena they are pretty much everywhere. For now, the market is pricey on these cars, but word has it Tesla will come out with an affordable one soon. We still have a long way to go but you can definitely see the change. Now, let’s hope the price of gasoline drops for those that drive a regular car like me.

Salsa- I’ve been out to ‘Ixtapa’ in Pasadena and ‘3 Vinos’ in Covina. The level is definitely not high but I had fun! As a follower, I always try to match my dance partners energy for each song. I love that people ABSOLUTELY LOVE to dance. This is felt and seen on and off the dance floor. People here fearlessly ask you to dance and they don’t let you rest :) Although 80% of dancers are off timing, people here have a passion for latin music and salsa dancing. So now I wonder, how important is timing when dancing? I probably know what you’re thinking, but tell that to someone whose probably never taken a class and has natural rhythm and favor for dancing salsa. I look forward to further exploring the LA Salsa Life.

Teaching Salsa is my 1st love and I’m teaching Private Lessons now. And although I’ve been asked by several women to start a weekly class and form a ‘Mel’s Dancing Divas’, I’m not sure that’s what I want to do right now. I’m taking a break from rehearsals, group classes and being on tour. I’m catching up on a lot of family time and enjoying every minute. If I do decide to start teaching or to form a dance team, I’ll post it here on my Fans Page. But for now, I just want to chill this summer, eat watermelon and watch the juice drips down my elbow.

Do I feel the water drought?! For sure! It’s really stupid people haven’t woken up. People, education, the government… just to name a few. It’s frustrating and SAD to see people run their water on the cement side walk. On a positive, I do see other people consume less and be less wasteful. People should recycle the water they use to wash their veggie’s and water their plants with that. Unfortunately I feel that would be extreme for some people.

I love that people don’t smoke as much here. They eat a lot that’s for sure! Los Angeles homes hundreds of cultures and there are TONS of places that make yummy food from all over the world. My initial impression was that food portions are just big here. Their small individual salads could easily feed 3 people and of course my mom is trying to feed me for the last 10 years. It’s going to be a tough summer. LOL

People and the LA Vibe- This is the part where I get emotional, Angelo FINALLY understands why I wanted to come back to California. He feels and understands the vibe here and he absolutely LOVES it. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it’s a mix of: family, versatility, smiling people, futuristic visions, grand opportunities, and enthusiasm for life.

Has California changed in the last 10 years? Absolutely. I’m looking forward to being a tourist in my own city. Currently 23 and today’s high will be 32. Clear blue skies. I mean Baby Blue Skies!

Please feel free to comment. Un beso y abrazo, Melissa

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