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SalsaFestival Frankfurt Sept 2014

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Wow! This is quite the weekend! Friday, we took off to the Salsa Festival Frankfurt hosted by Markus Uderstadt. Navigation tells us there is a 10 km stop but our night rider gets us through on time. Whew! I taught a Ladies Styling Class and I forget how quiet students can be. It’s sweet and can be taken as polite and respectful but sometimes as an instructor I also need feedback. I didn’t know if I should move on or repeat the sequence twice more. So I ask and I don’t get a response. Then I think it’s me. But it also happens in my Mels Dancing Divas Team too. So, I guess it’s a combination of the brain absording information, trying to digest it and then responding. So I decided to use the ‘thumbs up or thumbs down’ procedure. And IT WORKED! :) The ladies all did a FANTASTIC JOB. As for the social party, IT WAS AWWWW-mazing. I don’t remember social dancing that much in such a long time. Was it because I was wearing my favorite ‘Melissa’ pants? Was it because I sprayed my Favorite Suzy Q Perfume on before going out? Was it because I had spicy Thai coconut soup an hour before? I dunno no. And it definitely felt like I was social dancing in Los Angeles. Thank you to all the gentlemen that asked me to dance.


Saturday I taught an Int Salsa Burlesque Workshop. You can imagine how much fun I had! Eye Flirting, sexy facial expressions, body rubbing, sexy poses, suzy Q’s, sexy catwalk’s… Thank you for the sweet compliments at the end. As an instructor I appreciate it when my students can tell me what they liked about my workshops. And your feedback on Sat was good perfume to my soul!


Sat night was something else. We’re ready to go to the party. I’m wearing a light blue/silver mini dress and my honey looks handsome as always. We’re driving to the venue, excited to see the shows and our tire exploded driving at 120 kph on the autobahn. Luckily there weren’t any cars behind us or near us so slowly we stumbled to the emergency lane. Since it was too dangerous to get out and fix the tire we decided to call auto assistance. But the service number is in the truck of the car hidden somewhere in the jungle world of Hakuna Matata – lol. Because I’m flexbile and small, I nominate myself to bust a circus du soleil and with cell light on one hand, I bent over the back seat looking for the service number that was somewhere in the truck of the car. And guess who flashes their lights right at me? The Police. I’m sure they thought we were doing ‘something else’. They realized we were really in need of help. Hours later we finally made it to the venue. We walked in and I gasped! It was such an incredible big venue filled with tons of people, a live band and some serious salsa dancing. We missed the shows and the start of the concert. Porque? Porque? (banging my head against the computer). We danced the last hours but I felt empty inside.


Thank you for a great weekend Markus Uderstadt. It was truly a great festival. The DJ’s were great and the energy between the Artists was humble, giving and loving. It was a truly awesome fest. Thank you to all the students who asked me to dance :)


Next weekend my student dance team and I premiere our new show “MAMBO DIVAS ALL THE TIME” at Son Latino Salsa Cafe in Karlsruhe, Germany. Hope to see you there!

Photography Credit to Volker Heitmann

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