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On my way to DÜSSELDORF!

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When I 1st arrived to this city many years ago, I was running from congress to congress. I remember arriving to the airport, going to the congress, getting ready at the hotel and then going back to the airport. Everyone had told me this city was amazing but I was too caught up in my work.

Now that I’ve thankfully decided to slow down for the last couple years, I’m doing things I should have done more often and let me tell you Düsseldorf is a gorgeous city! Now, every time I have the opportunity to go to Düsseldorf I make sure I give myself a little time to enjoy the city.

Today we are on our way to Düsseldorf for this great dance festival called ‘Workshop Festival’ hosted by Andrea & Marc Heldt . My student dance team ‘Mels Dancing Divas‘ will be performing tomorrow night. We will perform our famous Season 3 ‘Mels Dancing Divas Airlines‘ show. DJ Julien will be spinning the turntables and Farid from SalsaConga will also be there along with tons of other Artists teaching & performing different styles of dance such as West Coast Swing, Latin, Ballroom and Tango. Tonight we dance Salsa underneath the lights of beautiful Düsseldorf.

Happy Friday Friends!

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