Private Dance Lessons

Private Dance Lessons

Take Private Dance Lessons with World Renowned Melissa Fernandez

Private Lessons are the quickest way to improve your Dancing Skills. They are important in order to refine your dance. Getting personalized time to improve all aspects of your dance will only make you reach your goal faster.

Teaching for me is more than a job, it’s a PASSION. It is what I love to do the most. Every student is different and by taking a private lesson with me, I will cater and personally customize to your needs. I will show you how to Create Your Own Style and remember style is a form of expression that comes only from within you.
I will give you the confidence you need on the dance floor. We will cover elements such as: technique, salsa patterns, leading/following styling, and spins, just to name a few. You can select your style of preference – LA Style on 1, New York Mambo on 2, Bachata, and Cha Cha Cha !
Have a beautiful dancing day !

Melissa Fernandez

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