Mels 25 Sexy Moves – 2 Lady Styling DVD


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This 50% SALE ENDS May 8th, 2015 – Learn Melissa’s 25 Favorite Sexy Salsa Moves and lady styling! This Duo DVD Set is designed for all levels of Salsa Dancing.

DVD 1 – The Basics

Designed for the beginners explaining all the basics needed to create a proper foundation for Salsa Dancing and Lady Styling.

DVD 2 – The Upgrade

Designed to challenge the Intermediate/Advance Dancer using all the elements in DVD 1 and pushing the Int/Adv Dancer to upgrade her dance in all aspects including the Bonus Section PACHANGA at the end.

Product Description

This DVD Includes


  • Mels Salsa Mission – Melissa goes into the streets of Freiburg, Germany and interviews folks asking them about Salsa and even dances Salsa with fellow citizens!
  • Never before seen footage of what its like to prepare for a Show and the after magic of what happens immediately following after the show
  • Mels Dancing Divas Salsa Show
  • Credits

DVD‘s made by ProScience Media & filmed at Tanzschule Gutmann in Freiburg, Germany

Our DVDs have now been sold in over 75 countries and are known world-wide for their quality of instruction, easy understanding, vast quantity of salsa dance moves and authenticity of different salsa dance styles.



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