Mas Salsa Brava Vol I

Mas Salsa Brava Vol I

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Melissa Fernandez and Luis Vazquez
Their 1st Instructional Salsa DVD! Now on sale for only 5 Euros, while supplies last!

Our very 1st Instructional Salsa DVD! Learn Salsa Combinations from Melissa Fernandez and Luis Vazquez.

In this DVD you will learn the absolute HOTTEST LA Moves to do on the dance floor.

It includes 8 easy and fun Salsa Partnering Combinations also with a Step by Step Explanation from the Lead and then the followers side. This 2 hours DVD is on sale now!




Product Description

  • 8 Salsa Combinations on 1
  • Each combination contains between 6 to 8 counts of 8
  • Each combination is danced with Music,
  • Sung with Counts,
  • and finally the lead and the follow both give you a full breakdown explanation of what
  • and how they are doing the Salsa Combination, along with explaining the Styling


  • Bloopers
  • Making of
  • Melissa & Luis Salsa Show

Made in Los Angeles, California by JP/24P Studio


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