Mas Salsa Brava Vol III


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Melissa Fernandez and Luis Vazquez have done it again! This is their 3rd Edition and its the best so far!

This Int/Adv Instructional Salsa DVD Includes:

  • 8 of LA’s Hottest Salsa Combinations
  • Melissa and Luis SALSA Show
  • Trailer Demo
  • Bloopers
  • Credits
  • Making up and so much more!

Product Description

Melissa and Luis have been dancing salsa together since 2004. They have traveled the world spreading their love of Dance to more than 60 countries and countless cities. They have helped creat a style in which the world dances to now!  They currently continue to play an international artistic and enriching role in the Salsa Community. And in this instructional DVD they share their passion for Latin Dance all in the meanwhile teaching people how to dance one step at a time.

Language: English
Readable in all Countries
Video System: NTSC & PAL
Running Time: 2 hours



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