Lucie & Gary

Lucie & Gary from France

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When I first saw Melissa Fernandez, I was just blown away, she looked exactly like Marilyn Monroe, which was the show she was performing at the time ! It was a styling lesson in Brussels, I had only been dancing two years and it was the first time I was going to a styling lesson, yet alone to a congress! That day I understood what dancing was all about. All the ladies were laughing in that room, knowing exactly what Mel is like. I was still a bit shy, but fully enjoyed the class.

Later on that day I had a class with my partner, Meli was there again, with her partner Luis Vazquez this time. Again we couldn’t believe what was going on, so much fun, energy and passion, it was just a gift for the whole room. From that day our dancing life changed, and part of our life too. We have tried to fallow Mel to as many places as our job would let us. Each time, her class is full, and everyone has a smile on their face, and also there is content for all levels, everyone goes away with a great dancable routine, partner or solo.

Mel always has a nice or encouraging comment to say to everyone, I remember she noticed my pink dance shoes the first time she saw me, that made me so proud ! She is not just a dance instructor, she just fills everyone’s hearts with passion and happiness, she gives so much of her own person in everything she does it’s unreal. An amazing dancer for sure, but such an accomplished instructor too and also a hilarious MC ! One of the rare people that can naturally get the attention of hundreds of people, and make them laugh ! Thank you Mel for everything you have given us. Some people are massive fans of singers or music bands, Gary and I are massive fans of YOU.

That’s it Meli, everything I said there was very much heart felt, as you know, since it’s not the first time I say all these thingd and they are so true. Greg told me you might soon go back to LA, Gary and I feel really sad about it, but happy or you since your heart seems to belong there We will miss you loads, I hope we’ll see you again before that day xx have a lovely Xmas Meli, big hugs from both of us, Lucie & Gary x x x