Melitta Minescu Romania

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In my opinion Melissa Fernandez isa true artist. She is innovative, expressive, immensely charismatic, and tremendously funny. She can bring a smile on even the most utterly unexcited person’s face!

She can light up an entire stage even if dancing solo, but when she dances besides other girls my eyes are immediately drawn to her! It doesn’t matter, she can even be dressed in pijamas ( i think i saw her once ) and MC/moderate on stage and she will still make it the best event you’ve ever attended. Her dancing is not able to be describedwith any words known to man kind….. I should invent new words for all the craziness she brings to the dancefloor!

I think the best way to say it that she performs or is involved in every dance, would be like it’s the last dance of her life! You know ‘live like there’s no tomorrow, dance like there’s no tomorrow’ kind of way. As a person, she makes you want to dance! To have fun, to just live a little! When she speaks, it’s not just words, it’s like the best improv comedy show!…..

The first time I saw Melissa I immediatley fell in love with her style and charisma! But what I love the most about her, is that even though we haven’t seen eachother in a while, she is still stuck in my heart just like 5 years ago, when I was a little salsa beginner trying to find my way in the salsa scene, and I feel that she gave me all the inspiration I needed just by being HERSELF!

Meli is and always will be a rolemodel for me, and it’s always the biggest pleasure and honor to meet her, watch her show, or just admire her dancing via youtube.