Yana Volkov from Russia

Why is Melissa is my best dance teacher ever? Because she was born to teach. She feels people like no one else, knows what they need to improve on. And the main thing is that no matter whether its social or performing, she is the great dancer, doing everything with love to art of dance and music. Thank you for your work Melissa.

Yana Volkov

Carolina Captain from Cluj, Romania

Carolina Romania

For me, Melissa Fernandez means Energy and Power in a very Feminine way, an Inspiration and a Model in dance!
Mel as an instructor: she always comes with new and original moves and she knows exactly how to explain it!
Mel as a performer: she show us what the spirit of pure salsa is: joy, energy, speed, sexy-style and high technique !
Mel as a choreographer: originality, challenge, electrifying !
Mel as a social dancer: passionate, unstoppable, a natural way of enjoying every dance...once she steps on the dance floor she is the Queen of the it !
Mel as a moderator: catchy, crazy, Fun

A big heart, always ready to help and gives u good advices! Love her!!! - From Carolina from Cluj, Romania

Cluj, Romania

Lucie & Gary from France

Lucie & Gary

When I first saw Melissa Fernandez, I was just blown away, she looked exactly like Marilyn Monroe, which was the show she was performing at the time ! It was a styling lesson in Brussels, I had only been dancing two years and it was the first time I was going to a styling lesson, yet alone to a congress! That day I understood what dancing was all about. All the ladies were laughing in that room, knowing exactly what Mel is like. I was still a bit shy, but fully enjoyed the class.

Later on that day I had a class with my partner, Meli was there again, with her partner Luis Vazquez this time. Again we couldn't believe what was going on, so much fun, energy and passion, it was just a gift for the whole room. From that day our dancing life changed, and part of our life too. We have tried to fallow Mel to as many places as our job would let us. Each time, her class is full, and everyone has a smile on their face, and also there is content for all levels, everyone goes away with a great dancable routine, partner or solo.

Mel always has a nice or encouraging comment to say to everyone, I remember she noticed my pink dance shoes the first time she saw me, that made me so proud ! She is not just a dance instructor, she just fills everyone's hearts with passion and happiness, she gives so much of her own person in everything she does it's unreal. An amazing dancer for sure, but such an accomplished instructor too and also a hilarious MC ! One of the rare people that can naturally get the attention of hundreds of people, and make them laugh ! Thank you Mel for everything you have given us. Some people are massive fans of singers or music bands, Gary and I are massive fans of YOU.

That's it Meli, everything I said there was very much heart felt, as you know, since it's not the first time I say all these thingd and they are so true. Greg told me you might soon go back to LA, Gary and I feel really sad about it, but happy or you since your heart seems to belong there We will miss you loads, I hope we'll see you again before that day xx have a lovely Xmas Meli, big hugs from both of us, Lucie & Gary x x x

Dalia Lita Munich, Germany

My very favorite female dance instructor I've ever had. After 3 months with you I didn't even want to do to any other classes anymore because I knew you wouldn't be around here anymore...


  • *** 100% fun factor ***
  • *** 100% stunning shows ***
  • and *** 100% knowing how to deal with guys while dancing-always great watching you ***

SusyQ-up your Dance with Melissa Fernandez!

Bettina Nagel – Heidelberg, Germany

Melissa is a wonderful social dancer and an amazing performer. When she dances, the stage simply belongs to her. Salsa is her passion and she is able to transmit this through her dance. I feel enchanted watching her dance and she inspires me every time. Furthermore she is a great teacher, she has the ability to connect with her students and push them beyond their limitations. She is full of energy, very professional in her job, always understanding, loving and giving. She inspired me in so many ways and I feel blessed to have her as a teacher and friend. Being part of her dance group was a dream come true for me. Thank you for all the wonderful moments Melissa.

Zory Kozarova Sofia, Bulgaria

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Melissa is - an extraordinary teacher! She will lead you through the moves like no other dance instructor. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student you will be executing the combination as if you have known it all along. Next thing that comes to my mind is - a great entertainer! Passion and Energy! When she performs or hosts an event, she doesn't only capture the audience complete attention, she owns the stage.

Maryline Delmas, Heidelberg, Germany

Mel,  thanks for giving me so much positivity, self esteem, faith And love, this happens in all your Salsa Classes! Melissa you are pure Love and with Time you feels like having the nicest Sweet Taste in your mouth And then you don't want it to Stop. So have the chance to learn from Melissa Fernandez, you'll definitely enjoy it and won't ever forget it!

Anna Chiha Lebanon


MELI APART FROM BEING A GREAT FRIEND, A GOOD HEARTED, AND A POSITIVE WOMAN, HERE IS WHAT I THINK OF YOU AS A DANCER, a teacher, a choreographer, a performer and an MC : You combine technique with good vibes, great energy, and fun in anything you do. You are full of love, life and positive vibes. You dance like a diva, you are my favourite MC, funny, energetic, innovative and creative. I LOVE IT ALL AND YOU MOST OF ALL !!!

Melitta Minescu Romania


In my opinion Melissa Fernandez isa true artist. She is innovative, expressive, immensely charismatic, and tremendously funny. She can bring a smile on even the most utterly unexcited person's face!

She can light up an entire stage even if dancing solo, but when she dances besides other girls my eyes are immediately drawn to her! It doesn't matter, she can even be dressed in pijamas ( i think i saw her once ) and MC/moderate on stage and she will still make it the best event you've ever attended. Her dancing is not able to be describedwith any words known to man kind..... I should invent new words for all the craziness she brings to the dancefloor!

I think the best way to say it that she performs or is involved in every dance, would be like it's the last dance of her life! You know 'live like there's no tomorrow, dance like there's no tomorrow' kind of way. As a person, she makes you want to dance! To have fun, to just live a little! When she speaks, it's not just words, it's like the best improv comedy show!.....

The first time I saw Melissa I immediatley fell in love with her style and charisma! But what I love the most about her, is that even though we haven't seen eachother in a while, she is still stuck in my heart just like 5 years ago, when I was a little salsa beginner trying to find my way in the salsa scene, and I feel that she gave me all the inspiration I needed just by being HERSELF!

Meli is and always will be a rolemodel for me, and it's always the biggest pleasure and honor to meet her, watch her show, or just admire her dancing via youtube.